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Dog training

through education

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Effective dog training, real behavior solutions

Tired of short term solutions to your dog's inappropriate behavior? Let Eagle Eye help you train those inappropriate behaviors out of your dog. At Eagle Eye we believe in long term solutions rather than short term. We want you and your dog to be happy together and have an unbreakable bond.

Develop a loving relationship and unbreakable bond

Learn to communicate with your dog

Food and treat advice

Mental stimulation games to play

What We Offer

Our Services

Quality Services

Eagle Eye focuses on keeping dogs in their homes by offering several quality services. Different training classes provide both physical and mental stimulation and help create long term solutions to behavior problems. We don’t just train your dog for you, we teach you, the owner, to train your dog the way you want.

Dogs Running

Private Training

Dog Groomer

Group Classes

People and dogs

Physical & Mental Activity

Dog Running

Service Dog Trainer

Areas of Expertise

Keeping dogs in their homes is where we excel. We provide any and all training to make sure the dog can stay in their home with their family.

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Private Sessions

Can’t bring your dog to us? No worries, with private sessions we come to you.



Need new things to do with your dog? Contact us about learning some new activities you can do.


Obedience Training

Need help getting your dog to listen? Book an obedience class and we can teach you how to get your dog to listen.


Puppy Classes

Want to socialize your dog in a safe and fun environment? Come to a puppy class and socialize and train at the same time.

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Our Pricing Plan

Choose the best package for your training


$175 for
6 sessions

  • In Home Training​​

  • 6 sessions 

  • Simple Commands

    • sit, stay, down, etc.​

  • Can start trick training 

Puppy Training

$215 for
7 Sessions

  • In-Home Training

  • 7 sessions

  • Teaching pup listening

  •  Creating strong bond

Confidence Training

$200 for
7 sessions

  • In-Home Training

  • 5 sessions

  • Do obstacles and tricks

  • Build confidence

Group Classes


  • Basic Obedience 0-6 Months $65

    • June 7th-July 26th ​

    • Every Wednesday 6pm-7pm

  • Basic Obedience 6+ Months $65

    • June 7th-July 26th​

    • Every Wednesday 5pm-6pm




  • Advanced Dog Walking 

    • June 9th-June 30th​

    • Every Friday 6pm-7pm

  • Introduction To Agility 

    • June 8th-July 27th​

    • Every Thursday 6pm-7pm


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