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Dog Walking on a Sunny Day


Image by Joe Caione

Private Training

Can't bring your dog to us? No worries, we'll come to you. During private training we focus on what you the owner wants to achieve with your dog. We can do basic obedience, advanced nose-work, confidence training, and much more. 

Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to train your dog while getting them socialized at the same time. We offer 5 different classes with more to come so please keep us mind and come down and learn something knew with your dog.  Our group classes are held at the Lincoln Center which is located at N 30th Street and registration is through Barb who can be contacted at (406) 281-5000.

Portrait with Dog
Pet Groomer

Physical & Mental Activities

Every dog needs physical exercise and mental exercise. With this training we focus on giving your dog both physical and mental exercise they need. We can show you new activities you can do with your dog that will give them both the mental and physical exercise. 

Confidence Training

Did your dog not get out enough when they were a pup? Don't worry, this training helps to socialize your dog while getting them to trust themselves. Most dogs don't realize that their hind end moves separately from their front end and this is something we teach them. By teaching them their hind end can move separately they start to trust themselves more and start getting more confident. 

Portrait with Dog
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